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Dinner for One! Warm grilled balsamic salad.

What you’ll need is: 1/4 C grape tomatoes sliced in half (long way), 1 slice of red onion, bowl of mixed greens and spinach, crumbled blue cheese, 1 large portobella mushroom cap, and balsamic vinegar. Tools: Panini grill or grill pan

Heat grill to high.  Place tomatoes and onion on grill.  Flip a few times and cook until vegetables have grill marks.  Place warm vegetables on bed of greens and sprinkle with blue cheese and drizzle with a quality thick balsamic/ balsamic glaze. (Giant sells an affordable and delish balsamic glaze - similar to the kind you can get in Italy). Then pour a little balsamic vinegar (thin/cooking kind) over mushroom cap.  Grill until it is cooked through.  Slice and place over salad. 


So simple, and different than the standard salad.  It may be hot out, but I’m telling you, the warm salad is much more fulfilling than the average summer salad.

All the best!

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